Friday, November 10, 2006

My friend Lime

sent me a present!! I love me some tea!

It is the perfect treat for fall days.
Here is a little visitor who came to see us recently.It reminded me of Still Life With Woodpecker.

In other news,

Mr. Logo is definitely not into wearing this shirt.However, The Things were happy to try it a la Snavletts.Look for the third act, appearing soon at a blog near you!


Seamus said...

Live from Logo Mythica It's "thing-dra"!
Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

You house looks like alot of fun. Happy weekend.

lime said...

so glad you enjoyed the tea dahlink!

mr logo seriously needs to get off his high horse about that shirt. FITBs do not have the right to go casting aspersions upon merely tacky polyester.

and would you look at those Things??? they are just too dang cute!

Candace said...

I love your woodpecker! (Red-belly?) And what a lovely day that looks like. :) What's Thing One reading?

The tea looks like something that would never make it through border security, but I bet it smells wonderful. :)

The Things are adorable, as ever.

Blither said...

Aww how sweet is limey.
Birds! I sure miss birds living here in Vegas we seem to be missing birds.

barefoot_mistress said...

Oh no! I am NOT going to my post office box ever again! That shirt must be in there!

I bet that tea tastes almost as good as Drunken Eight!

Ya know, our local woodpeckers have not the red bonnet....they are much more plain....


Last but not least, thank you Mr Logo, for servin' your time for us!

Logophile said...

Seamus~ A truly fearsome creature, run and scream, AAAAAAAGH!

Goldennib~ This is what happens when the lunatics run the asylum.

Lime~ Thank YOU, the tea is fab, the King Freak refuses to wear gawdy polyester, he has his standards.He reports no particular disfavor toward gabardine.

Candace~ He is a cute lil redheaded guy, we like redheads around here, ya know. Don't try to smoke my tea!

Blither~ Limey is a sweetheart, it's all true. Birds, hmmm, I know how to solve that problem, you can flips some to make up for the lack :p

Susie~ Its waiting, lurking, just you wait, mwah hah hah hah!

cindra said...

The tea is enticing...the shirt is not...and you know, your sons are likely to suffer PTSD from this experience...

The Grunt said...

Hahahaha! That shirt is hideous, but the things looked like they had fun wearing it.

Minka said...

awful shirt, I can´t people who comes up with teh design. carson Kressley woudl shutter to death!
yet somehow , the things can pull it off, probably becuase they take focus from that hideous piece of clothing :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Mr. Logo wimped out! After what he's modeled! But the things wear it well, so not a total disappointment. Now let me go check out what's happening in their musical world.

Logophile said...

Cindra~ The PTSD from this will PALE in comparison to the other stuff, believe you me.

Grunt~ They did, not at all right in the head, either of them.

Minka~ Its a sad statement that it requires two heads sticking out of this shirt in order to detract from its hideousness.

G~ He evidently decided it's never to late to develop dignity. :p