Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Soooo, over in Seattle is this blogger I know,
and quite like too.
When I visited the the blog of a gal who also is a dear friend and recent relation of Egan's she pointed out that he had penned a meme!! This, when taken into account with his lack of affection for memes, is quite amazing.

Ten seconds ago I was answering an email from the Esteemed Elder Sister.
Ten minutes ago I was getting myself a cup of tea.
Ten hours ago I was reading Hero Over Here to the Things.
Ten days ago I went to a lecture at the SAM and also to my tea shoppe.
Ten weeks ago I was parenting solo while Mr. Logo visited California.
Ten months ago I had a lot more free time.
Ten years ago I was changing diapers, chatting in mIRC and ICQ, and driving a Subaru.
----- ----- -----
Ten years from now I will have grown children, and a master's of library science.
Ten months from now I will have more than 1,ooo more miles on Red Molly.
Ten weeks from now we will be done with school for the year.
Ten days from now I will be too busy again, and I will have attended Whirligig!
Ten hours from now I will be starting school for the day.
Ten minutes from now I will be in a bubble bath.
Ten seconds from now I will be working on my long overdue volunteer schedule for April.


lime said...

well that was a fun little flash back/forward now wasn't it?

furiousBall said...

ten seconds from now i'll still be working
ten minutes from now i'll still be working
ten hours from now i'll be home working.

that was fun.

S said...

The answers to all of mine were:
...I will be sewing
...I was sewing


Melliferous Pants said...

I like the name Red Molly.

Ann(ie) said...

This is cool. I might have to steal this one. ;)

Gawpo said...

I would have done this meme if it was in the key of 9er.