Monday, March 10, 2008

Rites of it's-not-quite-spring-yet-but-it's-raining-less-and-the-sun-has-emerged.

It's not officially spring, that is the 20th for you technical detail types. Watch out, it's equinoxy!
Sorry, I don't know where that came from, it's late. ANYWAY, here are some pics from our
"We know it's not spring but we're from the northwest and desperate, please for the love of God will it warm the **** up" let's pretend it's spring collection.
We have a suction cup birdfeeder on the window and our little feathered friends seem to quite enjoy it.
Here are Thing One and Thing Two making dinner. They are fans of multi-course meals and they wash the dishes afterward and clean everything up. What could be better, hm?
That is Thing One all geared up and on a ferry during our Canada trip. Isn't he a sharp looking young man?
Here are the Things on the beach during an "OMG I think my ass is about to fall off" break. Being a biker princess I insist on nice hotels with pools when we travel by bike and the kids stayed in the pool till it closed for the night. Good times


lime said...

just tell me your secret to getting them to clean up the kitchen when they are done. limelette #1 made french toast last night. i told her no fewer than 4 times she needed to put things in the dishwasher and tidy up. it did not happen. i reminded her again this morning before school. it did not happen. after she left i put her dirty dishes and frying pan in her bed. grrrrr.....

furiousBall said...

that reminds me, i need to get bird seed!

Seamus said...

I love that shot of the Things in their chefs hats!!! And they wash up? WOW!!!

Blither said...

A suction cup bird feeder on the window! How cool is that? Must Have- I say! My flowers are well on the way this year. Gotta love the Vegas sunshine.

Cheers Bella!

Breazy said...

I like the suction bird feeder. I am really wanting spring here as well. Today we had a high of 71 and I threw open all the windows to let the house air out but that kind of temp sort of scares me because I know cold, cold temps are sure to follow sometime soon.

Good job cooking and cleaning for the Things! My son likes to cook to.

I am laughing out loud at the name of your breaks!

Have a great week.

S said...

Wow cook and do dishes too?
Can I borrow?

Lmao did your ass fall off? Where did you leave it?
Did you see my 55 last week? It could have been for you as well as Gman! LOL Glad you are back.

Ann(ie) said...

Your boys cook and then clean up???? Might I hire you for some parenting classes??

snavy said...

did your ass fall off?

status on the ass situation please ...

Gillian said...

Lo? Is that you? I haven't been here in forever so please accept my sad ass blogging apology.
Your kids are great to whip up scrumptious meals. You deserve the finest hotels anyway. Keep up the good work setting the standard for us travelin gals.