Monday, April 07, 2008

Musical Monday

Sometimes Susie does a post on Mondays about music, and I enjoy them.
I thought I would do one today.

Muse~ Invincible
I've been loving this song, even if you don't endure the rest, try this one, it's worth a listen.

Alanis Morissette~ 8 Easy Steps
This song is set to a montage of Heroes scenes. I like both of those things, see what you think.

Intertude~Morrissey and Siouxsie
Ooooooo, sexy, set to a movie.

The Hives~Tick Tick Boom

The Verve~Bittersweet Symphony
Oldie but goody

Beck~ Girl
Not exactly new but I like it


Breazy said...

great music! Thanks for sharing the videos with us.

Have a good day!

S said...

Wow, you did enough for me too! Good, because I couldnt find one to post.
I wanted to post a trainwreck song called rock, boulder, mountain, but I couldnt find it on Youtube...sigh.

Happy Monday

S said...

PS that word veri was BgolfPJ

Golf in pjs?

lime said...

fun lil selection of tunes there!

Nessa said...

So much toe tappin' fun.

cathy said...

just popped in eo say hello. I have never heard any of these before and I've set them all of so they keep starting and stopping and are all intermingled.
Lovely tomato plants :)

Bsoholic said...

I've been listening to that Muse song quite a bit lately.

Good stuff! :)

Hobbes said...

I liked the video on the Invincible song!