Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A thing and an other thing

This is a meme I "borrowed" from Lime. Lime is one of those GOOD bloggers.
She posts regularly, says interesting things, and visits other people's blogs.
5 things found in your bag:
Well, here this will be quicker, let me show you.
Change purse, Advil, mints in a Happy Bunny tin, chapstick stuff, drug pens, nice pen in metal carrying thingee, paper, and a hair band.
You will notice there is no wallet there, that is because I actually carry it with me.
So it goes on the counter, beside my new phone. Yes, I know it's not as cool as the last one, I don't want to talk about it.

5 favorite things in your room:
That should count as a couple things, I love my pillow, and my mattress, and my blankets, ooooh how I love me bed. You can do so many lovely things in it. Yes, you pervs, I meant that, but also the sleeping and the reading.
The following things are doo dads on my dresser. I am not really into collecting things but these are awfully pretty. That one? Yeah, it's a Faberge egg. For years, when I was asked if I collected anything I would say Faberge eggs, just to be difficult. So he got me one :P I love that man.

5 things you have always wanted to do:

I want to actually see a priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into a bar, I think that counts as 3 things, don't you?
4. I want to get an adequate explanation for why negative numbers are called real numbers

(You think they are real? Ok, hand me -4 apples. Alrighty then, that ain't real).

5. I still want to go to Paris.

5 things you are currently into:

1. Wii Sports™ (I am kicking @$$ at Wii Tennis, something I could never do at real tennis).

2. xkcd tee hee hee

3. Supporting locally owned businesses

4. A beautiful May day,

also, unfortunately, allergy season.



I am also suppose to tag people, but you know how I feel about that.

Oh, and the other thing, my kids and I have been digging this lately.


furiousBall said...

i love xkcd.

that video is great!

tsduff said...

That is a great post! I love seeing how others live and now we know a little bit more about Nessa. Your bed does look comfy ;)

lime said...

love what you did with this meme. of course you led with all sorts of nice comments about me but even if you said i was a lousy blogger whose posts reminded you of the poo flinging monkeys at the zoo....i'd still like what you did with this.

faberge eggs...dang, the man needs to give lessons on paying attention and follow through, he could make a mint. think of all the eggs you could have then.

S said...

My little red line also went downhill when I discovered bacon.


Not commenting though.

Bsoholic said...

xkcd is indeed great!

Have a great weekend. :)

Hobbes said...

If you don't have enough money to get a cool phone, you should know that negative numbers are real, unlike their square roots. : )
Enjoyed your meme.

Ann(ie) said...

Wait. Did I miss our beautiful May day????

I'm lovin that happy bunny tin. I love any and all happy bunny!!

FUN meme!

Fred said...

I'm totally with you on going to Paris. Someday, I'll manage to get back.

I agree...fun meme.

DaMasta said...

love xkcd!
neg numbers *are* real useful in accounting for debits and credits. (whatever those are :P)
Love your purse, too..
I'll see if i can do this meme... it should be easy to do at work (atleast the purse part):)


Candace said...

Ooh, xkcd looks funny. I'll have to troll the archives. I like The Order of the Stick, too. ^_^

Uh oh, I have a hunch that I'll be hearing the Freak Parade song a lot after I show the kids tomorrow. :)