Wednesday, April 16, 2008

These pics just saved me 1.3 x 10^4 words

This is a picture of Thing One taken while harassing him in his room. He still finds me amusing from time to time, it's very endearing.
Here is the Princess and namesake of this blog. She is engaging in one of her favorite pastimes,
growling at me for some reason or other. Not a mean growl, more of a, "You can pet me now."
or, "A treat would be appropriate at this juncture."
or, "You do intend to let me sit on your lap...right?"

Here is her other favorite pastime.

Here is Thing One riding their trike through the yard.

Thing Two is pictured here practicing his cursive writing.

You can't see them too well but I have my new chairs in the breakfast room,


The Things love their new Wii. I'm not sure which game they are playing here but it really is an awful lot of fun

(notice Thing Two's stellar fashion stylin').

The Things both just tested in karate and this is my yellow belted Thing.

Here they are doing some half hearted sparring.
Thing One just earned his yellow belt and they both seem to be enjoying the classes.
The little one decided to trade up on big brother and went for a little street action instead of a block, tee hee.

Now, hopefully you found something of interest up there because I'm going to talk about me again :p
This last weekend I met Mr. Logo in Seattle and we headed across the mountains on I-90.
About ten miles from the summit traffic stopped dead in the road. We wandered over to a trucker to get the news and learned an avalanche was being cleared. We were looking at a one hour delay...minimum.
After checking the ground, and for cops :p, we rode our motorcycles across the median and headed north to another pass. We earned many dirty looks, but we comforted ourselves with the idea they were jealous rather than disapproving. Hey, it's my story, I'll tell it how I like!

Since we started the trip like that we figured why NOT interfere with museum displays and ignore No Tresspassing signs?
We didn't get caught but we have decided a life of crime does not suit us.
However, we still walk on the grass when the mood strikes.


furiousBall said...

Every time you post a shot of that breakfast room, I think "that's a great green"

lime said...

handsome things with great fashion sense. you and nuke are just SUCH rebels!

Seamus said...

Ah! More of Logo's miscreant madness!!! Looks like you had fun! :)

S said...

dat maf pwoblim hurts my brane.

S said...

and that really is a fantastic jacket

Candace said...

Wow, the Things are getting big! I love the Wii style they use.

How cool that they're both taking Karate! Congrats on your yellow belts, Things!!

I'm glad your life of crime has paid so far. ^_^

Breazy said...

Good job on Thing Two for the street smarts! They both look really nice pulling out the karate.

I literally laughed out loud at the pic where Mr. Logo looks like he is just propped up on the old fellas shoulder enjoying conversation.

Have a good weekend!

Hobbes said...

I enjoyed this photojournal, in which your children appear to be model citizens (apart from the fashion statement), while you and Mr. Logo lead lives of crime and malfeasance.

Real Live Lesbian said...

You guys are CUHRAZY! You'll be put in Tresspassing/Walking on the Grass jail if you're not careful!

Love the family pics! And that green paint is still awesome!

Bsoholic said...

Haha! Great pics Logo!

No trespassing signs were most certainly meant to be ignored. ;)

S said...

Im still jealous that your breakfast gets its own room.

Excuse me now, I am going into the kitchen, dining room, breakfast room, mess hall, commissary, workshop and sewing studio!

G said...

Great pictorial! Julian has those same jammie pants! Wow, you and Mr. Logo flouting convention and the law! I love it.

The Grunt said...

Great to see pics of the Things in action.

GeekMommy said...

"However, we still walk on the grass when the mood strikes."

That last line does it for me! :)