Friday, June 13, 2008

55 word flash fiction

Pal Hermansen—Stone/Getty Images

Clouds billowed and the trees bowed and shivered in submission. Swirling debris rose up to riot briefly then was slammed back to the ground. With hands thrust deeply into pockets, a figure fought through the weather, leaning forward at an impossible angle against the headwind. A pair of eyes watched the approach, indifferent and unmoved.

I was moved to be creative today. So there is a flash fiction for you.

I need to mow my lawn and get over my cold. I also need to take Ariella in the vet for her annual shots and such, but I think instead I shall go make a cup of tea and take some cold medicine.

Stupid cold germs!


mireille said...

good work, sweety! hope you feel better. xoxo

lime said...

i vote for the tea and a nap. do it. don't think twice. the grass isn't ging anywhere. and ariella can go later. feel better.

furiousBall said...

get better amigo

S said...

Very nicely done maam!

Hope youre feeling better soon.

Not commenting tho.

Breazy said...

Logo, sorry I am here so late and I am sorry to hear that you have a cold. This spring season seems to be a bad one as far as a cold goes.

Your 55 is beautiful!

Thank you so much for your kind words in your comment to my daughter, I really appreciated it!

Have a good one!