Monday, June 09, 2008


This teeny tiny baby deer follows his mama through the far side of our yard.
Isn't he cute?!?!
Unfortunately, they only like to visit when we are indoors so all our pics are through windows. You can see my reclection in this next one. The mama deer is fast, which is why only the baby is visble in these shots.
I thought I would share a little except of a story I work on from time to time. It is NOT autobiographical, at all. Anyway, here is part of the first chapter, tell me what you think, if you wanna.
Everyone was going to be home together, all evening. Rick had no commitments for once; the kids were both, incredibly, planning to stay home as well. Salad, wine, and some fresh bread rested on the seat beside her, along with the 25 other things she ended up buying. No grocery trip could be easy, but the oven timer would have her homemade lasagna ready just moments after she walked through the door. Everything was in place for a family dinner.
Her stomach rolled with a seething unease and something like the anticipation one experiences when headed for a root canal. Hang on, she thought, what was going on here? Was she dreading entering her own home and spending the evening with her family? At some point had she become a person who DREADED family life? How had this happened? What kind of mother, what kind of wife, what kind of person dreads coming home to her family?
She shook her head and plastered a pleasant smile on her face. No, she decided, she could not possibly be that woman. It will be great, she lectured herself. She continued to pointedly seek positive thoughts as she cruise the last few familiar streets, returning the smiles and waves of neighbors playing with children in the yard, walking their dogs, or watering their immaculate gardens.
She pulled in the driveway, tossed her keys into her purse then scooped it up along with her briefcase and the grocery bags and headed for the front door. She tried the latch only to find it still locked. She tried to maneuver around the load in her arms and get her keys out but it was useless. She resisted the urge to grimace, roll her eyes, or grumble. She set the grocery bags on the stoop beside her and unlocked the door. It swung open to a blood-curdling wail. It was a high-pitched animalistic howl, a shriek that a fit-throwing toddler could never dream of achieving. It seemed a sound capable of leveling all opposition, even the very walls seemed to recoil. It was almost, but not quite drowning out the sound of a female voicing yelling. Suddenly then there was a sharp sound, a slap judging from the way the wailing became crying, stomping, and then the slam of a door. Her children were at it again.
Jackie leaned her head against the door, closed her eyes, and concentrated on breathing for a moment. She hadn’t even made it in the door and her fiction of a lovely family evening together was falling apart. Leaving the bags on the ground and the door ajar she followed the sobs and snuffles coming from the family room.


lime said...

oh, so you've been to my house this week?

furiousBall said...

that lil' fella is pretty cute

S said...

I didnt read the story. We have a set o twin deers right now. So cute!

Breazy said...

Logo, when did you visit my home?LOL! This made me think of my 12, soon to be 13, year old daughter and my 10 year old son. They mix like oil and water.

On a more serious note....

I really like it and I can't wait to read more..that is if you are planning on posting more of it.

Thanks for the excerpt and have a great day!

cathy said...

My #1 houserule is siblings have to be nice to each other.

Nobody around here has any respect for rules, LOL!