Wednesday, June 11, 2008

falling trees and fabulous fashions

We had a bit of a wind storm here Monday. Several of our trees lost branches and a couple lost their will to live. Yesterday the Things were positively eager to go to yard work, I think this probably is because they assisted in the clean up as pictured here.

They got a lot of of the limbs cleared and managed not to kill themselves so we are considering it a victory.

Next we have a little discussion of fashion. There are few things nearer and dearer to the heart of your average nine year old boy, hmm?
Thing Two, in the manner of second born children the world over, decided he needed a unique and creative manner of self expression. Since his chosen method does not require unattractive facial piercings, illegal activity, engaging in excessive risk-taking or embarrassing his mother, I found myself supportive. He heard about the dismembering and rearranging of clothes and it appealed to him. He calls it Franken-fashion.

These both feature the back of one shirt, the sleeves of a second and the front of a third shirt. The back of the shark shirt is red, it matches the front featured in the photo below actually.
He has even engaged in sewing to make this happen and is quite proud of his creations.
Go, Thing Two!


S said...


That kid has got to be related to ME!!!!

Im so gosh darned proud!

S said...

Comes back to admire the red shirt...wonder if it will fit me?
Think he will let me borrow it?

lime said...

so if i let them ride a 4 wheeler my kids would clean their rooms?

thing two had some mad sewing skillz there! very creative and nicely done.

cathy said...

Cool! Can I borrow him. I need someone to reinvent my wardrobe, LOL.

Fred said...

If I had some cool toys like that, I'd be happy to clean the neighbor's yard too.

Ann(ie) said...

Love the top operation. Will you send them my way???
And those shirts are pretty impressive!!! HOW creative! Future Tommy Hilfiger perhaps?????

Kristina said...

Kids doing actual work! I am utterly impressed! I don't think I could fit a 4 wheeler in my kids rooms though.. sigh. And I am supremely impressed by them sewing skills and creativity! That is great! My 9 yr old has recently taken a keen interest in cooking.

Breazy said...

great sewing skills, I am impressed!

My girls only want to do yard work if lots of money is involved. With our son he is like your boys, let him do it with the four wheeler and he is all for it.

Hope you have a good day!