Saturday, September 06, 2008

I have been ill *cough, cough*

I skipped the barfing sound effect, just for you, because I love you THAT much.
So here is a pic
Six days into this I feeling horribe I finally decided to run to the doctor.
I hate going to the doctor and paying to have them tell me to rest and drink fluids. I already KNOW that. If I am going to bother with the trip and the co-pay I want to make sure I've got something impressive.
Though this may not be a positive trait I'd rather hear,

"I can't believe you waited this long to come in!" than
"You came in for this?"

That is if we are discussing me as the patient, if we're discussing my Things, the rules of evidence are different and Mr. Man, well... he has his own deal going.
Anyway, I am much better now, and my breathe is WAY better.
Just in time for school.
I have an obsession for school/office supplies that is way beyond unhealthy. Back to school time for me is like New Year's to alcoholics. Oh yeah, baby. YEAH!


lime said...

i have the same tendencies. i'd sooner impress them with my stoicism than embarrass myself with wimpishness.

so was your illness that unhealthy addiction to office supplies?

Tom & Icy said...

Lime's comment was so funny: like sniffing magic markers?

furiousBall said...

you shouldn't have eated all those pumpkin seeds. also, i didn't realize your hair was that orange

Diesel said...

So what DID the doctor tell you? Get some rest and drink lots of fluids?

cathy said...

I hate being told that I would have gotten better without shelling out. LOL.

wow word verification is doing sound effects for your blog!

Breazy said...

I am glad you are feeling better. It must be a countrywide thing because everyone here has been ill as well with the same things.

I have the same obsession with the school/office supplies. To be honest I could go for probably three years and not buy another supply other than three ring binders for my kids because I always buy stuff.

Have a great day!

Dorky Dad said...

I am absolutely making that pumpkin this year. Yes my wife will totally object. Yes I'll get yelled at by neighbors for having a barfing pumpkin on my front step. But I DON'T CARE!!

G said...

Good that you're feeling better. Yeah, the kids are a whole other set of rules. Considering I don't need to go far to the doc, I usually get in after a day or so.

School supplies - I always end up with way too much. I also hate when Tali's school is so specific on colors of notebooks, etc. I'd like a little more poetic license.

Hobbes said...

I agree about the doctor. Glad you're feeling better.