Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm so adjective

Join me for some Toothpaste for Dinner?
I purchased some organizer thingees for my 'puter desk.
You might not be able to tell, but this is the "After" picture

Imagine what it looked like before, hmm?


Breazy said...

I can tell the desk is very organized. To anyone else this will sound crazy but you will understand completely...(previous post, last paragraph)

I was in Staples today and I thought about you, the funny thing is I was looking at desk organization items. Of course I strolled through looking at everything because I can't just go in there and not look at their entire stock.

Have a good day!

lime said...

i covet both the t-shirt and the organized desk. please come fix my desk?

Ann(ie) said...

I likey. Can you come spruce up my puter station???

Fred said...

I'm with Lime. If you have some spare time, can you possibly work on my daughters' rooms?

Hobbes said...

I like "Toothpase for Dinner."
I will not invite you to work in my house because the shock might be too much for you.