Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm in such a state!

States in which I've been
Make yours @

Now, it is true that not every state in which I've been is clearly marked on this map. Insanity for example, knows no borders, but I bring that with me from place to place so I decided not to confuse the issue any further.

As is true of many of my left coast kindred souls, my US geography catagories are;


the middle,

down south,


back east somewhere.

Being from over here on the coast it's never really made sense to me that people refer to states that are clearly on the eastern half of the country as "the mid-west."

If you ask me, the mid-west starts at Colorado.

What is the problem here?

Are people still operating off maps from before the Lewis and Clark expedition?!?

Merriweather would be very offended that his hard work is being so pointedly ignored.

Missouri is the mid-east if ANYTHING, people, come on!

Anyway, here are a couple more maps to cheer you on your way.


Seamus said...

Wow! I went from "dirty hippy & "yuppie" to "Little Mexico" & "Cokehead"! I think I prefer the former!

lime said...

proud to be a soda drinker!

furiousBall said...

same here, lime - i'm a proud soda drinker from america's suburb

Fred said...

Down here it's just plain soda. I could never call it pop.

Ann(ie) said...

Dirty hippie and proud of it since 1971. 8) But, I still gotta see more of the country. Especially more of the east coast and south...!!!

Bsoholic said...

In the south its Coke. Any and every soft drink is called coke. Its not that we are brand loyal, its just known as coke. If you order a coke the waiter/waitress will ask you what kind of coke.

I see you've never been to Tennessee though, if you ever do come here we'll have to hang, and perhaps have a coke. ;)

Hobbes said...

I'm a Rust Belt type with Eastern Megalopolis leanings. Where have I been transplanted to? I can't read that yellow label even with my glasses, and maybe it's just as well.

Hobbes said...

P. S. I was raised on pop but have cultivated soda since my Megalopolis days, especially after the cokeheads made fun of it.
weirsdo again.

Logophile said...

Weirsdo, they are referring to it as the "dirty souf."
I'm terribly sorry.

egan said...

How many of these states did you visit via a motorcycle?

Miss Pants said...

Wish I were with the Dirty Hippies instead of stuck in stupid Mormon Fun Land. More like Mormon Fun Barf.

tsduff said...

Living in a MiniNation - who'd a thunk it? I love that map :D