Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fraggledy frip, frack, frick

I got to get up at 5:30 this AM to clean up water.
About 30x20 square feet of flooring.
We have heaters, dehumidifiers, and fans working now.
You know those people who are just sure there is a hidden blessing in everything?
Don't you just want to knee cap them sometimes?


Ann(ie) said...

um, yes!!!!!! well put.

Seamus said...

You know, um ... (looks at kneecaps) ... er ... um ... never mind


We've got a dry spell, do you need it?

lime said...

there are days....

S said...

Ties pillows onto kneecaps while saying:

Its the roofers and water heater salesman that are seeing the hidden blessing in this incident.

That said, it's better than letting your cat in and crawling back into bed when suddenly a skunk smell hits you and you're not sure if you've just let a skunk into your room or just a spray soaked cat!
Either way, not good.

The Grunt said...

Mold: The hidden blessing.

Jocelyn said...

...or, better yet, hand them the mop and rags and head back to bed?