Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Mr. Logo has been fishing a fair bit lately, ya know, what with the being unemployed and all.
The local river has been running pinks (humpies) and the silvers (Coho) are starting now.
After collecting several of these fish, it was suggested he try smoking them using an Alton Brown method.
After finding the Good Eats episode that featured Alton's make-shift smoker and watching it repeatedly Mr. Logo found all his bit and pieces and proceeded to smoke some salmon.

Here is his smoker.
Here are his salmon filets, all cured, prepped and ready.

Inside the smoker he had a hotplate with a pile of wood shavings heating till they smoked and a small homemade fan to circulate the smoke a little more.
After several hours in the smoker Mr. Logo pulled out some of the yummiest food known to humanity,
smoked salmon. We taste tested one filet and somehow it completely disappeared!!
A goood man and good food, some of the best stuff in life.


Nessa said...

When will you be sharing?

Looks yummy. I love Alton Brown.

Doug said...

Very nice. Fresh salmon is a different genus from store bought.

lime said...

excuse me, you didn't warn me i'd need a napkin to keep from drooling on my keyboard. maybe i will just lick my monitor now. nope, not nearly as satisfying. smoked salmon..mmmmmmmmm

actonbell said...

Lucky you! Smoked salmon, one of the best things...

Jocelyn said...

See, instead of having a job so one can buy food, one should just go out, bypass the job, and find food.

Btw, I have a li'l crush on Alton Brown. So does my husband.

S said...

Even I want to try it. Fish, yuck!

I saw that show, so cool, I thought, wow I could catch some gophers and moles, jackrabbits and heck, maybe some deer. We could borrow Limes butt reamer thing and then smoke some deers....

Good job, Mr Rusty

Cindy said...

Mmmmmmm! I love smoked salmon!!

I love the idea of this smoker too but I have to say I would not trust myself with a box and fire. LOL

Tomorrow, I will be linking to your blog. Thanks a million! http://sassycondiments.wordpress.com