Monday, September 07, 2009

Stir fly, uuuuh, I mean, Stir fry

My peeps know that I am not really the chef around here. Yesterday though, I was at the library and saw this bookbook promising quick, simple, delicious dinner recipes. The photos were awesome and I started to drool on it right there in the aisle. It was a little embarrassing. I checked the book out so I could clean it up later and decided on the way home I needed to have stir fry for dinner. It wasn't one of their recipes, but I was feeling inspired.
So that pic is how it looked just before I threw it over some noodles. It was so pretty.
Also, it was freaking fabulous tasting. Some of that green stuff in there is broccolini which I picked up on a whim and have decided I vastly prefer to real broccoli, at least the stuff you get in the stores around here (which I suppose might not fit the definition of "real" broccoli since it is probably all hybridized, and chemicalized and whatnot. Real broccoli, grown by people who surround it with tender loving care and the wafting scent of patchouli and hemp, is probably far more delicious, with balanced chakras and a happy aura, but I am an impulse food shopper and there was no farmer's market available at the moment).
I am going to stick the recipe here, not because I assume you culinary geniuses around here NEED another stir fry recipe, but so that it is preserved somewhere for the next time I have this whim, although you are welcome to use or alter to suit yourself
Stir Fry a la Logo (not authentic, but still yummy)
1/2 pound stir fry meat (yah, that is right, I bought it already cut, I'm lazy, so what)
marinade in:
soy sauce
rice wine or mirin vinegar
sesame oil
Sriracha sauce or red pepper flakes, whatever
Combine to taste in a bowl, throw in meat and go check your blog, or facebook, or twitter, or whatever. Give it 30 to 60 minutes. You will need the last 15 of those to...
Chop up:
Red bell peppers
baby carrots,
green onions
Stir fry meat in sesame oil (ok, you can mix half and half with olive oil, or Wesson or whatever but the sesame oil is important) med high to high heat is good, really (this is a reason I love to stir fry, you are finally allowed to cook everything at really high temps, oh, and save the marinade, it is going back in the pan).
When your meat is about 3/4 done, throw in peppers, broccolini, carrots, and onions.
Cook another 3 or 4 minutes, meat should be almost done and veggies ready to go but not get squooshy at all. Throw in 'shrooms and sauce (marinade) and get that bit all hot.
Serve over asian noodles of your choice
(if, like me, you forgot to pick up noodles at the store when you got your stir fry stuff you can totally cheat. Throw a couple ramen noodle bricks into a bowl, sprinkle with one of the season packages and augment with whatever your favorite flavors are from the marinade ingredients above. Pour boiling water over them but don't let them sit in it too long, or they will get squooshy, and we all know squooshy is BAD! After they soften pour off the water and voila, you have noodles).