Friday, March 05, 2010

Can I get an amen?

I love that cooking is a creative outlet for Mr. Logo. He is quite the talented chef.
My creative outlet is...
decorating flat surfaces with the books I'm reading.

Aaaaaaanyway, he was taking two evening classes this last term (he is working on his master's degree) and so he was gone 4 nights a week for the last couple months. This meant I was responsible for feeding the children and myself for most of the week, quelle horreur!

Mr. Logo makes a planning menu and then shops from that so the fridge was stocked and ready for me to make all manner of delicious and nutritious meals, but somehow the allure of cold cereal, leftovers (on those rare occasions when they were available) and whatever else the kids could make themselves always outweighed my desire to cook one of the meals from the menu.
Yesterday I returned custody of two extra kids to a friend (their mother) after keeping watch over them for 10 days while their parents went to help build an orphanage in Haiti.
BTW, don't worry, they weren't smuggling orphans.
Sooo, before she left she was offering to make a menu with me, or go shopping for me, pretty much any and every thing she could think of to make sure I actually fed her kids while she was gone. I figured, FINE, I will cook! Sheesh...
So I did.
Now, they did end up with waffles one night, and chicken strips, mac & cheese and grapes on another, BUT I did actually make whole meals for like, seven of the last ten nights!
I'm exhausted now.
So tonight?
Make your own damn dinner!


Doug said...

I have a great recipe for Captain Crunch, if you need it. I use milk! It's delicious and has extra calcium for growing children.

furiousBall said...

you should see me cook the shit out of microwaveable pizza. it's like iron chef, except the ingredients have to be microwaveable pizza.

tsduff said...

The inane look on her face is perfect - lol - you don't like to cook? Poor dear xo

lime said...

here, lemme thaw out this hungry man tv dinner under my armpit.'s ready

Drew Stapp said...

Here's the real story about the 10 christians accused of smuggling kids out of Haiti. :)

Go down to March 8th.