Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wall of Voodoo

Thing One has been catching a lot of 80s tunes while working out in the garage with his dad.
Mr. Logo has been doing some work on our schoolroom/guestroom. He installed a shower out there and he is now working on constructing a kitchenette.
For the last few days I've been hearing this a fair bit:

He says this or Devo's Whip It are his favorite 80s songs.
Thing Two loves this one,

Video Killed the Radio Star.
Since I asked The Things about their favorites they decided to ask Mr. Logo about which 80s tune was his favorite.
Though the exact question was,
"What's your favorite 80s song, dad? One that isn't hideous."
Heee hee
Mr. Logo has been known to voluntarily listen to Lionel Ritchie, just as a frame of reference.
Also, he likes this:



furiousBall said...

love that Focus song!

S said...

I remember when LR was 3 she asked me, "Mom, what does video killed the radio star mean?"

Of course Wall Of Voodoo was an awesome band, such good taste!

Nessa said...

shocking. do you need to do an intervention?

"Oh, he occasionally takes an alcoholiday." - Oscar Wilde

Wordless Wednesday - Sláinte!

Anonymous said...

ahhh The Buggles...the first video MTV played when they arrived...back in the day when it actually was music television and not whining-braindead-yuppie-stupid-macho television...

why no, i'm not bitter