Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nessa's Netiquette Meme

So Nessa came up with a meme about blogging which Quilly titled and I really enjoyed reading so I decided to do it too!

Also, it's one of the activities that fits this category:

which appeals to my sense of... something or other.

Here it is;

on your own blog do a post listing
5 things your like about blogs,
5 things you don’t like and
5 things you do blogging that you think are cool and why you do them.
Try to give the reasons why too so people understand your way of thinking.

5 Things I Like About Blogs

1. Blogging came about for me as a suppliment and then substitute for an awesome online community in a Yahoo! chatroom. So one of my favorite things about blogging is that it does feel like a community, and the best kind, because we decide what our circle of friends will be. It's fantasy league community!

2. Blogpals, the remaining 5 of you, and all the ones who've come and gone in the last 5 years, have made my life more entertaining and fun, as well as more informed and thoughtful. I've played games, and made friends. I've mourned and laughed with my internet friends, and I've seen things through your photos that I would never experience except through your eyes.

3. I love the fact that blogs are available whenever I am free to see them. I can drop by anytime and the welcome mat is out.

4. I love how many bloggers are in my email and chat addresses, my facebook account, and my cell phone contact list. I've met several of my blog pals and in moments of crisis this last year a couple of you have been an absolute lifeline. Breaking into the 3rd dimension definitely makes my list.

5. Freedom of expression is one of my favorite things about blogging. I spend a lot of time with the underage crowd, and a fair bit of time with a very conservative bunch of folks. It is so nice to express something that might not be appropriate for or appreciated by that audience. It is important to me that I balance my personal freedom with respect for the needs of others.
I'm not going to actually tell my kids "Make your own damn dinner" but it is fun to able to come on my blog and express that sentiment that way.

5 Things I Don't Like About Blogs

1. I hate spam.

2. I refuse to feel sense of blogging obligation or expectation. Come by here as you are, whenever you like, or don't. Comment if you want, don't if you'd rather not. I will come to your blog as time, energy, and life allow and comment if I have something to say. There are so many requirements in real life, for heaven's sake they won't let you in most gas stations without meeting a dress code! I need SOMEWHERE I can do whatever I want, however and whenever I want to do it.

3. I don't like waiting while my 'puter loads blogs that take FOREVER (more than 2 or 3 seconds) because of all the bells and whistles on the page. I know, I'm impatient. I'm just sayin'...

4. I don't like excessive negativity and general being a downer ALL the time. We are none of us beams of freaking sunshine all the time, thank goodness, but chances are that if you are a little grey raincloud ALL the time, I am not going to stick around. Be real, feel free to share, but please share your passions and your bliss as well as your heartburn and annoyances.

5. I really don't like egregious abuse of grammar and punctuation conventions. Everyone suffers from typonese, occasional spelling errors, and punctuation oversights. If you are interesting and generally erudite I will overlook these and usually not even be bothered in the slightest. Blogs that take the, "Eh, it's the internet!" approach to these things are usually not on my visit list long. I'm such the language snot.

5 Things I Do and Why I Really Like and Why I Think They Are Cool

1. I like it when people share cool links, like Furiousball. It helps me waste time I don't have without even noticing how it's flying past (I don't even hear it whooshing by).

2. I like it when people share book reviews, either on their blog like Actonbell, or on Goodreads. It gives me more things to do in the free time I don't have.

3. I like it when people are consistently brilliant and hysterical, like Lime, Jocelyn, and Doug. It amuses, inspires, and delights me.

4. I like it when people share music like Cooper, ooooooo, and movie and TV reviews are good too, and recipes, or at least recipe reviews. Ok, basically, I just like it when people share what they love, or whatever lights their fire.

5. I like it when people keep blogging even if they have to take breaks or slack off. I love it when eventually they start up again. It feels like an old friend moved back to town, or at least came by for a visit.


Quilly said...

I like the positive, up-beat, happy tone of this post!

furiousBall said...

I swear I'll make more positive posts as soon as life stops screwing with me. :)

Logophile said...

Quilly~ We had coffee and cake last night. It was probably all the sugar and caffeine talking

Van~ Dude, you are well within acceptable levels. I mean, come on, I even listed you in the "cool things" section!!

Doug said...

Wow, I think you managed to suck up to each and every one of us. Now that's good nettiquette.

Nessa said...

Very well done. I love the freedom of expression one. I would like to point out, however, that you can dangerously close to following the rules.

I will add you to the list of participants on Thursday's post. Some people have more to say on the subject.

Jocelyn said...

And I love that you and your blog bring comfort and stability and appreciation to every post and comment.

Logophile said...

Doug~ Feel the love, baby

Nessa~ I usually come close to following the rules, it's just that I can never seem to fully embrace it :p

Jocelyn~ Aawwwa, you say the sweetest things, sugah mouth.

lime said...

"consistently brilliant and hysterical" i'm gonna have that printed on a business card if ya don't mind. (even as i wonder if my informal usage grinds your gears just an eensy bit)

and may i say i am so glad we've crossed certain lines together. wait, that sounds not quite right. oh nevermind, you get it. love you, girlie!

coopernicus said...

Superb bloggage. Waiting for blogs to load? Oh yeah...makes me nuts.

There is a difference!!
there, they're, their
your, you're

Bad grammar makes my teeth itch.

Logophile said...

Lime~ You are one of my favorite line crossers! To tell you the truth, blogging grammar, spelling, and punctuation only bother me if they are so egregious my brain can't overlook them. It's just that I can't overlook MUCH! Your posts never pain me, and your blog typing is tons better than your chat typing
I'd read you any day!

Cooper~ Have you seen this?
"Let's eat grampa.
Let's eat, grampa.
Proper punctuation saves lives!"
My kids call me the grammar nazi. I choose to believe it is a loving gesture.