Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stuff that happened Friday

  1. My family headed out at about 10 to go catch a super-cheap matinee showing of Iron Man 2 in a town about 40 minutes north of us.
  2. I received a phone call from my dad saying...
  3. He DROVE HIMSELF to the emergency room that morning because he was having chest pains.
  4. They had determined he was in the early stages of a heart attack.
  5. They had given him Plavix and were sending him on to a bigger hospital, in the same town as the theatre to which we were going.
  6. I dropped my family off at the movie and went to the hospital where dad was.
  7. They did angoplasty but it didn't have much effect.
  8. The doctor informed me that he had two completely blocked arteries and one at 80% blocked and he was sending dad on to ANOTHER hospital, larger yet, for open heart surgery.
  9. I had to call an innumerable quantity of people to pass on the current information.
  10. I picked up my family and took them back to my house so my husband and his buddy could go get my dad's car from the hospital parking lot, lock up dad's house, and grab his toothbrush and some other stuff.
  11. I packed an overnight bag, cell phone charger, and book.
  12. I received phone calls from an aunt, and a friend of my father's, who were already at the hospital, asking where he was.
  13. I called admitting, where seemed to be puzzlement regarding his whereabouts.
  14. I called the nurses' station; they had him.
  15. I drove 45 minutes south to the larger hospital with my neighbor/superpal.
  16. I answered my text messages and voice mails (13 total), passing on the complete lack of information I had.
  17. I met the man who will be giving my dad a double, triple, or quadiple bypass (as the case may be).
  18. I relaxed for a while in a family waiting area with two of my best friends, my mom's two sisters, and my sister.
  19. I send my sister off to my auntie's house to get some rest after her 6 1/2 hour drive across the state.
  20. I curled up the best I could in a hospital lounge chair and tried to get some rest between nurse visits all through the night.


This morning an intern, or resident, or something let us know that dad is stable enough that they are not feeling they need to do an emergency bypass. They are going to take a day or two to do all the tests they like to have and let the Plavix work its way out of his system so he will heal faster from the surgery.

Barring complication, the plan is to do the surgery Monday morning. I am now going to go take a nap, then make a thermos of tea to take to my papa, and head back to the hospital.


Doug said...

Eep. Best wishes to you and your dad.

Quilly said...

My heart and prayers are with you.

lime said...

keep us posted as time allows and know you've got praying friends behind you. big hugs to you and gentle ones to your dad.

cathy said...

I will keep a candle burning too.

Anonymous said...

prayers to you, your dad, family, and the doctors and nurses helping him heal...

S said...

Aw man....
sending all good thoughts

Logophile said...

Thanks, peoples.
He is doing pretty well although he is in a ton of pain.
I am getting some sleep in my own bed tonight then back to the hospital in the am.
'Preciate your concern, prayers, and kind words.

Ya'll rock, mmkay?

Jocelyn said...

Feeling up on today's events, thanks to FB, but it's still amazing to read the backstory. I'm so glad your dad has you.