Saturday, October 09, 2010

This is me

on Friday evening in a hat and scarf I made my very own self.
That is my Logo logo ™
I am soooo up-to-date.


actonbell said...

Beautiful picture! I'm so impressed. Are you going into business?

quilly said...

Love those eyes! Nice logo, Logo. Now, what's your next step?

S said...

OMG you made that!??? I jsut cannot do it! I cant ever remember how and then the left handed thing...which you also are. When do we open your ETSY shop?

AND you stole that Logo from the GAP LOL!

Logophile said...

Actonbell~ I'm not fast enough, good enough, or dedicated enough to go pro, but I have done a lot of gifts. Maybe when I am a granny I will go pro.

Quilly~ Why thank you, ma'am. For my next performance I will steal someone else's logo and convert it :P
(that is a mock up from here
and I just entered my name)

Susie~ I did make it, all by mself, from a pattern in the Knitting for Dummies book. The way I knit is pretty left-handed,
demo here;

Before I could Etsy I'd have to get a lot better and I'd have a lot more free time to do that.

lime said...

nicely done. they look warm.

Logophile said...

Lime~ They are quite cozy. Because I suffer from the disinclination to do what I'm told the way I'm told to do it I had to finesse the design. I used different size sticks and different size string than it called for, so then I had to refigure stuff, plus my head is a little bigger than the average bear. Who knew stickning was going to be so math heavy??