Saturday, November 20, 2010

Show and Tell

 I got some new shoes. That is them up there.
They make me taller than Thing One.
Mama like.
It isn't going to be long until there won't be shoes capable of acheiving that feat for me, so I plan to enjoy it while I can. Plus, these shoes are actually pretty comfortable. 
I needed new shoes.
See, there is the community Christmas thing and since there is a pretty strong Scandinavian influence here, one of the productions being performed is a stage play about early northern European immigrants.
There are some Sven and Ole sketches, among other things. The full cast, including chorus (that would be me), is about 40 people.
Mr. Logo is reprising his role of last year as Ole. 
Thing One  is reappearing as one of the youth leads, and Thing Two sings AND dances, although he didn't want to try out for a speaking role. 
We'll be performing every Sunday night in December. 

I got a new-to-me monitor. My last monitor was roughly the same size as a small island nation, or, well, anyway, it was BIG! I don't mean the screen size either, I mean the rear side of that thing stuck out about a foot and a half (and no one needs a computer monitor with back, ok, that is NOT sexeh).
So a pal gave me the monitor below when we started having a little monitor issue.

Turns out, it may not have been a monitor problem so much as a computer issue. I got this computer almost 4 years ago. I'm a little worried this might be the beginning of the end for it.

Oh, and the car won't start again.

Fricking, fracking, frugging...


quilly said...

On the plus side of the car not starting, you've got comfy new shoes to walk in. ;)

As for your December activities -- are you and your family testing out the old adage, "the family that plays together, stays together"? (Yes, you may groan.)

actonbell said...

It's okay, you can say it!

Love the shoes, that "spectator" style has always attracted me.

Good luck with the computer. That's stressful; we depend on them for more and more.

lime said...

ah yes i recall the brief flirtation with heels when my first child grew taller than me. my low back soon reminded me of why i am a birkenstocks girl.

as for the computer and car woes.....oh honey, do i feel your pain on both counts.

coopernicus said...

so you live in Lake Wobegone....that's nice. Kewl shoes. UR one up on me with the monitor..i have none at home..just the laptop screen....