Monday, June 06, 2011

I have to push the pram a lot!

I had 19 lovely pieces of spam to delete from my comment mod file today.
Several were in Asian languages, a couple in Russian, and some were in English but still
too cunning to be understood.

For example;

"thanks in the course of this delicate tips and quite polite blogs"

This stunningly cogent gem came with an imbedded link for viagra... of course!!

Then there was this beauty,

"look at this - [defunct link] don't is beautiful I deliberate on so"

Isn't that fun?
In other news Thing Two had developed a Doctor Who fascination and it's catching.


actonbell said...

I keep meaning to catch up with Dr. Who. The new one looks very interesting.

Do you impersonate Clarke Gable?

Yeah, I don't know what scary codes those spam msgs are written in, maybe it's aliens.

lime said...

spammers are like the fungus that grows in locker rooms. a less evolved but still hardy life form whose only purpose is to infect.

Anonymous said...

could there be no want that it left my wonderful story crackle...

Anonymous said...

let us not go to Camelot. it is a silly place...