Tuesday, May 24, 2011


 Did I mention Thing Two turned 12?
 He did, and he had a great time with a couple buddies to celebrate.

Thing One is in a play. They are rehearsing twice a week and it looks like it's going to be a great show.
He also had a little Emily Dickinson in the yard yesterday and I had to get a picture. The juvenile robins are just big enough to get themselves into trouble but not quite grown up enough to get themselves out (wonder if that reminds the child of someone he knows). Anyway, the bird seems quite calm once he was perched on Thing One's glove and appeared to enjoy the view!


actonbell said...

Happy birthday to Thing 2!

And that's a mighty cute picture of him and his buddy.

Anonymous said...

gee...another actor animal activist????

lime said...

holy cow i cannot believe how grown thing 1 looks. happy belated birthday to thing 2.

quilly said...

Thing One -- break a leg.

Thing Two -- happy Birthday!

I had a fledgling House Finch join me in the garden last week. It eagerly awaited what tidbits I turned up with my trowel, then leaned against my ankle and had a little nap before flying away. Mama was in the tree behind us going nuts!