Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A card for every occasion

I found this site through a friend who sent me an Ides of March card. Here is how you know you have an awesome friend;
1. She/he knows about a site like someecards.
2. She/he remembers the Ides of March.
3. She/he sends you a funny card for the occasion.

Here is a little example of their fabulous ecards.


Anonymous said...

these cards are a hoot...i've seen a bunch of them.

lime said...

what coop said. funny stuff

Quilly said...

Oh, fun! I must see more!

quilly said...

I just sent my love a card! He is in Hawaii and may not get home before the world ends. We optimistically booked his flight for Sunday morning.

actonbell said...

I like it! Thanks for the tip.