Sunday, May 01, 2011

Hope you had a fabulous May Day!

We grilled burgers and had s'mores over a fire in the back yard.
We have freshly mowed grass, partially wacked weeds, and a mostly tiled tub.
I took Thing One out for a couple hours of quality road time. He only tried to kill us once.
I also got to go for a motorcycle ride.
I must say, it's good a gooood day.


Anonymous said...

what? no may pole dances??

Logophile said...

who told you about that???


quilly said...

We did 5.5 hours worth of yard work. Well, we did take a couple of breaks to sit on the steps and drink tea. Mostly it was a great day to be outside!

Hobbes said...

Happy May Day!

actonbell said...

I totally forgot about the Maypole. What you did sound way more fun. Happy May!

tsduff said...

What fun to read about your May Day! And a motorcycle ride too? I'd day your May is looking mighty lucky already! :)

TLP said...

*sigh* Envy. All we get is rain and more rain!

Adorable bunny!

lime said...

that whole teaching a kid to drive thing.....lord have mercy, it's made my bp spike and given me at least a hundred new grey hairs.