Friday, May 20, 2011

Logo™ the Obscure

Last night I ended up breaking a window in order to get into the house where my keys, cell phone, and laptop. The glass guy is measuring it today to replace the pane I threw a rock through.

When I told the tale today I was called a vandal. I replied, "Hey, at least I'm not a Goth."

*blink, blink*

Ah well, I thought it was funny.


cathy said...

I hardly think breaking a pane of glass could cause the downfall of the Roman empire. Love the Goth thing, what a great juxtaposition... Goth vandal.
I thought of the contrast between the two first but then other possibilities perculated.... I need to get out more!

lime said...

what a barbarian!

Anonymous said...

ummmmm....i don't get it....