Thursday, October 10, 2013

Off with his head!

I will admit to sometimes being a little bit Red Queen-ish.

Because there are days now when I drive farther than Mr. Logo sometimes I use the more gas-efficient Camry but on days when I am closer to home then I drive my Rav. Consequently, over the last month, I had set the clock in both cars to the correct time... obviously.
So yesterday I got to the bus stop at 7:05am and hopped out because my bus is scheduled to drive through at 7:09am.  It was cold, and I stood shivering for a while before asking another waiting bus passenger the time and they said, "7:05."
At that point I realized Mr. Logo had to die, or at least suffer a great deal.
He had reset the clock 5 minutes fast and therefore I had been standing in the cold for 5 extra minutes.
I cannot find legal precedent yet, but I am fairly certain that is grounds for something dire.
After standing in the freezing wind for 10 minutes I finally boarded the bus which was ALSO cold.
I was also very tired, but I was afraid to drift off for fear that I might die of hypothermia.

It was tragical, clearly.

When I related the details of my morning to Mr. Logo~ he laughed. In fact, he laughed really hard. I'd like to believe that is because I am a comedic genius with incredible delivery but I fear it might also indicate he is slightly evil and takes pleasure in the misfortune of others.


Bijoux said...

For 27 YEARS I've lived with someone who sets his clock radio 40 minutes ahead. And then hits the snooze alarm umpteen times. I deserve a medal.

Jocelyn said...

Wow, is it too late for you to rethink that whole marriage thing?

Because, really.

lime said...

he laughed because he grew up in PA, no doubt standing at a bus stop with icicles growing from his nose....or like me...walking nearly a mile to school in that kind of cold.

i shall leave now because that didn't sound at all sympathetic did it?