Monday, October 14, 2013


So far today I've taken my kids to school, done an hour of yoga and an hour of water aerobics, done a little homework, and run some laundry. 
Next I'm going to a funeral because another mother has died too young. This one was in her 60s like my mum and disease is also to blame for her decline and death. 
I find myself contemplating life and death and the all-too-fleeting time we actually have, you know, sort of along the lines of, "The trouble is, you think you have time" and other related deepity ideas. 
Reminds me too of some thoughts I had after my mom died. I want to use my time deliberately. I don't want mindlessness to leave me feeling I've missed out. So, despite the fact I don't love funerals I will go today, and I will hug my family, and I will be thankful that I can be there for them as they've been for me. 


Bijoux said...

Good reminders. I'm sorry for your loss.

lime said...

then this is the best use of your day. i am sorry for your loss.