Friday, September 29, 2006

Hello, and welcome to Friday

55 Flash Fiction

Impending doom, that’s what was coming. Ominously heavy clouds spoke of insane seas, unrelenting wind, driving rain, and all the elements of nature in complete upheaval. A grin danced across his face. Fear and excitement warred inside him, creating the potent cocktail of chemicals that has fueled dare-devils for eons. Damn the tsunami, full-speed ahead.

My pal Susie got me started doing the flash fiction thing, go harrass her if she doesn't do one.

My other pal, Lime, is having surgery today, go wish her well.

And last but not least,

remember to VOTE FOR LOGO!!


The Grunt said...

Great 55, and watch out for the cloud monster. He looks like a marshmallow fish, but is really an evil monkey!

What do you expect from a guy who is back on pain medication?

snavy said...

Very nice 55!! I did mine but Susie hasn't yet. Hee hee - I told on her.

James Goodman said...

great 55, logo. :D

Anonymous said...

awestruck...that is how I describe my reaction to taht photo...frightening yet intriguing.

Minka said...

nature is both amazing and destructive. If it were a silent uneventful thing, we´d get ideas of omnipotence.