Sunday, September 17, 2006

What I did on my weekend.

We changed our anniversary plans so Mr. Logo could go to an important appointment in Seattle.
We had been planning to head to Orcas Island in the San Juans
(scene of a previous anniversary celebration)
you know how it goes.
So while Mr.Logo went to visit people we didn't know,
I went to the Seattle library.

Oooooooo, red!

It was all funky and cool in places

and very utilitarian and industrial in others.

All in all, I quite like it.

I was a little late on returning to the parking level.

But the very nice attendant let me slide,

it was only three minutes.

Before I left though I went to the very top floor and hung over the railing to get this pic for all of you,

I am such a giver.

Speaking of giving, I had a gift with me,

from Lime,

and I couldn't WAIT to give it away.

And had to go to some lengths to actually get rid of it. After passing that lil treasure on...

Mr. Logo and I went out for dinner.

Despite stating he wasn't in the mood for Mexican,

and after I got directions to another place,

he ordered a burrito...

MEN! (insert eyeroll here)

Saturday we went out again, since the Aged Ps were here at Casa de logophilia to watch after the Things.

Take note, I went shopping, without complaint.

I got a pair of jeans and shirt, way cute and on CLEARANCE!

I hope you have been remembering to VOTE FOR LOGO!!

Vote early and vote often.
(there is a caption contest in the right side bar, pick mine)
Oh, and Susie challenged me to reveal 8 secrets,
so here
1. For one of the weeks I was a page for the Washington State Senate I dated a juvenile deliquent, well, he was 18, so technically he was not a juvenile anymore. I lived too far away though, it didn't last.
2. I was briefly a waitress while in college. I was terrible at it.
3. I cheated at Putt-putt golf on my honeymoon. He still won.
4. I lie in my sleep, no, not as in lie down, as in I will say anything to make people go away and leave me alone so I can keep sleeping.
5. I was put on probation in high school for sassing the principal. He deserved it.
6. I have received two speeding tickets, and the first one was TOTALLY my older sister's fault. Ok, maybe that is not a big secret, SUSIE, but I bet you didn't already know, so there!
7. I am a pirate, arrrrrg.
8. I flunked business math in high school. Now, that is embarrassing, but it was a learning style thing, ok. I know how to do it, it was just, well, I don't have to explain myself to you, Judgery Judgerton (thanks, Guggs).
Oh, also, I will do a Tuesday Trivia Quiz if I get a couple donated questions
Help a blogger out, folks.


Sar said...


I think I had the same pink jacket in the '80s, complete with shoulda ma pads.

And congrats on finding your way back to the winners' circle!

lime said...

get a lovely gift like that and you race to rid yourself of it...such ingratitude....sheesh. i think it would be perfect in that red hallway. really.

and sar, the jacket is actually a men's blazer...bwahahaha.

very happy anniversary you guys.

barefoot_mistress said...

OOh the red library hallway and the pink blazer!!! Now that woulda been crazyeee!

See, I knew it, I knew you had crimes.....redheaded people have to have a streak of evil in em, I just know it!

I sitll havent told you what you said to me in your sleep that morning I woke you up at 5:59 am!.....but I did tell Mr ask him....:P

Seamus said...

Happy anniversary you two!!!!

I love thge fact that the library uses eager climbers to clean all that glass!

snavy said...

Um ... I thought you were supposed to wear the jacket???

A pirate you say??

Candace said...

That is such an amazing library!!! Ours would fit in there like 100 times over, LOL!

I have to say that the salmon jacket is just ever so very special.

Did you know that tomorrow is talk like a pirate day?

Lily said...

I love the way you are holding that jacket... but I'm pretty sure some cooties crawled up your arm anyway. Logo has COOTIES!

Logophile said...

Sar~ Thank you, Susie, Mr. Ratburn, Mr. Logo and someone else we all know just look so fabulous in it, it is rather 80s, woo hoo!

Lime~ EOW! I am having a reaction just thinking about that combo, ack!

Susie~ Those weren't CRIMES, not even misdemeanors. I said NOTHING!

Seamus~ Thanks, and isn't it nice to know climbing CAN pay, I don't plan to tell my kids that.

Snavy~ Yeah, well, don't criticize till its your turn, eeeeow. And yes, a pirate I say, arrrrg, matey.

Candace~ My own hometown library would fit in there several times too. That pink jacket is something else, isn't it? And I will start practicing for tomorrow, arrrg.

Lily~ Nuh UH!!

Minka said...

Happy anniversary to both of you.

My utmost concern though, is that you got rid of that jacket, toss the glasses too while you are at it :)

Egan said...

Isn't the library beautiful? Hey, is this your longest post? There's a lot going on in this post. I think I have to read it again.