Friday, September 15, 2006

It's Friday, yay!!

Susie has written a 55 about her lastest game fixation.
I am not as 1337 as my pal Vera who is recently playing WoW.
But I decided to write about my latest games too.
Sorry, Candace, no undead thcum in these ones.

I have also started playing the online version of one of my favorite games online, Set.
I finished finding all 6 sets in under three minutes, I am so pleased with myself.
Next order of business, I must blow a kiss to my friend Susie for
this lovely gift of star sunglasses, thanks, pal!
Personally, I think they looked better on Mr. Logo though.
Now, this next picture can be blamed on Lime.
For part of swap~o~rama she sent a hideous jacket to Susie.
Mr. Ratburn was brave enough to pose in it too.

Not to be outdone, Mr. Logo decided to go all Miami Vice in it.

Crockett can't touch this.

Happy Weekend and keep an eye out for the pink jacket,

coming soon to a hijacker near you.

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to us,

16 years and he hasn't developed a Logo intolerance yet, score!


Late breaking news!!

I am a finalist in the CAPTION CONTEST

at Belle of the Brawl.

Everyone who votes for me will get free tickets to Vegas,

and will get to spend a night in the Lincoln bedroom.

Thanks for your support


barefoot_mistress said...

You two look marvelous in your crapola!
Happy Anniversary you two sillies!
Can't wait to see who gets the jacket next...
You know, Mr Logo, that jacket was taken from...

Doug said...

Cool is cool.

lime said...

oh man!!! i just LOVE the way the men are accessorizing the jacket! ratburn with his mesh shirt now nuke with the star glasses! you guys are killing me! if i am up and againt the wall will nuke frisk me? LOL!

logo darling, you look mahvelous in those glasses.

happy anniversary to you guys !

oh and logo, i LOVE set. no one here will play with me anymore, will you???

snavy said...

Dammit! Mr. Logo stole my idea!! Oh well...

Happy Anniversary!!

My crap is up today too! GMTA!!

vera said...

Those star(sun)-glasses SLAY me! (and not in a WoW way!! ;))
The jacket needs a few Liberace add-ons!! Sequins, glitter and jewels, OH MY!

barefoot_mistress said...

Ooh yeah, what Vera said, the jacket needs some bad bling to go with it!

I have also modeled the pink jacket, unlike some women I may see it on last weeks 55 Flash Fiction Friday!

Happy Anniv Guys!

James Goodman said...

Happy Anniversary! :D

Blither said...

Oo Damn good pics!!

Free Tickets to Vegas? Vegas Baby, VEGAS!

Minka said...

I love Sudoku.
I don´t know what Set is.
My Logo is awesome for putting up with all of you :)
And Now I go off to still is a free country right!?

DaMasta said...

HAHA.. very clever! I have a photo of me where I'm posing in the mirror with one eyebrow oh so slighty raised and I call it my Logo pose.

Logophile said...

Susie, thanks so much, and just so you know, taht is NOT the way to get me into that jacket!

Doug~ True dat

Lime ~ You can play a game everyday on that site, play it and we can compare time if you want:D
Ratburn and Nuke are definitely very funneh guys.

Snavy~ Love it!

Vera~ I like that idea, hmmmm

Susie~ Bad bling may be coming, I am plotting

Goodie~ Thanks!

Blither~ In your case, I think tickets to Seattle may be a better empty bribe.

Minka~ Yes, he is awesome, and so is Sudoku. You should try Set, it's also addictive.

Damasta~ OOOOO, I get a whole look named after me, awesome!

Egan said...

Anytime anytime Logo. I visited that site often and voted for you whenever I could. You deserve only the best. Have a swell weekend.

Fred said...

Thanks for letting me use the picture. I actually put it on my desktop, and it's spectacular. Have a great weekend!

The Grunt said...

Great pics. Mr. Logo looks ready to kick some serious pastel ass!

barefoot_mistress said...

Serious pastel ass...lmao grunt!

Logophile said...

Egan~ I have you as a blogger buddy, isn't this proof I get only the best?

Fred~ Glad you are enjoying!

Grunt~ Yup, that's him, I'm soooo proud.

Susie~ The Grunty is a funny man!

OK, now I am off for the anniversary celebration Part II,

goldennib said...

I love the pictures.

Don't tell Quilly, but I voted for you, too, on my other computer.

Candace said...

Oooh, clicky me! Cool! :)

No undead thcum? LOL!

I love Sudoku, but if I play too much, my brain feels undead.

Happy Anniversary!!! Sweet 16. :)

Anonymous said...

The Bitch is Back!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Sudoku makes me want to start cutting myself.

Logophile said...

Goldennib~ You are too good to me, what a gal! Thanks And shhh, our little secret :D

Candace~ Thanks, Sudoku on paper is not so fun, but this version is great, very tactile and easier for my brain to handle. Thing Two is missing some front teeth at the moment so I could just hear that "undead thcum", too funny.

Guggs~ YAY!! No cutting, it leaves a mess.

And now I am going back to bed, I have been illen, and it's gross, eeeeooooww.

G said...

There are trendsetters and there are trendsetters, but you and Mr. Logo - well, you're FAB! Happy Anniversary. Okay, I need to try SODUKU (my daughter loves it).

Lincoln Bedroom you say...

Logophile said...

G~ Thanks, and yes, Lincoln, baybay, who does you right?

Charles in HK said...

Miami Vice or Elton John?