Thursday, September 14, 2006

Proper alignment

This is a picture of a sunset at Ocean Shores, WA.
Notice how the sun is setting over the water?
This is important to me.
The sun should rise over the mountains, reflecting brilliantly off snowy peaks,
and set over the ocean.


snavy said...

Thank goodness nature cooperates for you.

Beautiful sunset!

Breazy said...

That is a very beautiful sunset . Happy HNT ! Thank you for your kind words reguarding the loss of my aunt , it means a lot to me . HUGS!

lime said...

well, for the west coasters suuuure. hehe. it is just gorgeous though

Candace said...

I remember when the sun used to interact with the ocean. Now it drops into the woods every night. No fires yet, though.

Sar said...

Now that is a gorgeous sunset.

It's been raining for about two weeks straight here, and I'm going through serious sun withdrawl!

barefoot_mistress said...

I know what you mean, over "there" they've got it all backwards!

Melliferous Pants said...


Lily said...

BEAUTIFUL picture Logo... I would love to see that every evening!Instead the sun comes up over the neighbors garage and sets... well my sunset is blocked by the house of the dragon.

Egan said...


DaMasta said...

Well then everything is as it should be, eh?

Very nice straight lines. I like straight lines.

Fred said...

Wonderful shot, Logo. I love it. I'm going to borrow this as a screensaver if it's okay with you.

Logophile said...

Snavy~ Even nature knows better than to displease me.

Breazy~ Thanks, and I hope you are feeling better.

Lime~ Guess its a good thing I am over here then, eh? You'd like it too, ya know.

Candace~ Glad to hear Ra is not setting your neighbors alight, that would be bad.

Sar~ Rain! YAY, I actually was so glad it started raining the other day.

Susie~ They can't help it, shhh

Pants~ Thanks!

Lily~ West coast calling?


Damasta~ Well ordered and beautiful also, what more can one ask?

Fred~ Go ahead! You are welcome to it.

Minka said...

Those are amazing colors. Nature is so vibrant sometimes.

Egan said...