Sunday, August 24, 2008

On my way to Spokane...

Once upon a time 2 ten year old girls met and they liked each other right away.
Unfortunately, they lived about 75 miles away from each other.
They wrote letters to each other, and kept in touch. They only managed to see each other once a year or so for a long time.
they learned to drive.
They would go and visit each other for weekends, and during the summer.
When they grew up they finally got to live in the same town for a while.
When Logo had her first baby her friend Stephanie was there with her,
and 8 months later Stephanie had her first baby.
Years went by, more babies were born, and across continents and oceans,
the two of them remained kindred souls.

Today, my friend sits in the pediatric wing of a hospital in Spokane with her daughter Megan.
Megan is 8, and her neck was broken in a tubing accident on the river over there while they were on vacation.
I am on my way over there.
All prayers, good thoughts, or well-wishes are very welcome.


lime said...

that is horrifyingly scary. i'm glad you can go to her. prayers going up...

Jeni said...

What a terrible ordeal for the child and for the mother too. Prayers that all will be ok and healing as quickly as possible.

furiousBall said...

oh boy, big time prayers for Megan and her family.

Breazy said...

Oh my goodness, my prayers go out to the family and for you to have a safe trip.


Spokane Realtor said...

I will add her to my prayers. We live in Spokane here. please keep us posted. Shalom

Ann(ie) said...

Oh sweetie. THAT is a beautiful friend. She needs you and I love that you're there. Be safe. xo.