Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Show and tell

This is food I cooked, well, part of it, but the point of interest here is that those are tomatoes we grew our very own selves. OK, so maybe I'm not much of a gardner, but forever I will be able to say I help grow something and then we ate it.
Oh, key point, and it didn't make us sick or anything!
These are baby birds that have been growing in our yard. This is the second batch from that nest. Mama robin is unstoppable! Also, she has quite an attitude.
This is my Thing Two at a museum. He loves the interactive displays. They have little fisher...person outfits for the children to try on and then they can board the trawler and make like they are starring in The Deadliest Catch, with less swearing though, I hope.
Here is my motorcyclin' galpal and I when we were out on our ride last week. Good tmes.


furiousBall said...

ok.... i read the paragraph below the first picture as a caption for the photo and to me here is this picture of ground meat and red veggies with the caption... "These are baby birds that have been growing in our yard"

not nice to ground up baby birds and eat them... just sayin'


tsduff said...

Love the tomatoes - nice crop!

Don't you adore those funny baby mouths on the little guys?

I'm bittersweet about the bikes... I just gave my sporty to my son. boo hoo hoo I miss her already :( Your photo looks like so much fun.

lime said...

not inducing food poisoning is always a good thing. congrats!

Dorky Dad said...

WOW! How did you grow chopped tomatoes? AMAZING!

Gillian said...

Oh homegrown tomatoes are the best. Good for you! I think they taste best sliced up on a toasted bagel with lots of black pepper & cheddar cheese.

Hobbes said...

I would have an attitude too if some huge peeping tom were taking shots of my kids through the ceiling.
So far we have only one small green tomato to show for ourselves. I do best with stuff that just grows on its own, like blueberries.