Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thing Two has been loving the Honda ATC 70 his daddy bought him. He has learned to pop wheelies on it and had put a ton of miles on it driving through our yard. The Things and their father went to an off road vehicle area last week and they all had a very good time.
I went to See Mama Mia!
Merle Streep was great, of course, and the interaction between her and her two friends was so much fun to watch. Pierce Brosnan gets an A for effort and a polite request that he never ever again make those faces while singing.
My latest attempt to go golfing was thwarted by rain, which was tiresome, but instread my pal and I went out to eat and roamed an outlet shopping mall. There may have been mocking.
While sorting through Netflix, attempting to find appropriate family viewing, we happened upon the A Team and Knight Rider. We watched the pilot episodes of both shows. Thing One enjoyed them both but Thing Two definitely preferred Knight Rider. Mr. Logo and I, in a fine display of SNL damage, both turned to each other as the credits were running and said in unison,
"Germans LOVE David Hasselhoff."
Trying to explain why that is funny resulted in one of those, "I guess you had to be there" moments. My children exchanged looks that clearly indicated they think their parents are at least mildly retarded. Ahhh, the joys of family life.
Tomorrow Thing One heads off to camp for a week. I have plans for another girl's day out on the motorcycles.
I can't believe summer is almost over.
What the heck happened??


Gawpo said...

Summer is almost over? Great. Sure would have been nice if the sun had ever come out. It did today. But too late. We're not speaking! Hmpf.

That is a great idea----Fletnix for pilot episodes of cool shows. I will do that.

So you went to go visit your mother and not only Meryl Streep, but Pierce Brosnan was there too? Wow. How cool is THAT.

Sorry I missed your call. I was at the Pow Wow and am headed up there right now.



Breazy said...

I am wondering the same about summer myself. My offspring returned to school on Aug. 1, way too early if you ask me.

About the ATV, notice if Thing Two is continuing to drive in the same spot on the grass because if so it will kill the grass and I know this because our son killed some of our grass doing just that.

Hope you are having a great day!

S said...

So was it you two being mocked for your fringed golf oxfords, or were you both mocking mall fashions?

I am SNL deprived....
But I am watching the Olympics and Sarah Brightman was just on....tried to let you know but....

lime said...

knight rider has been censored forever at our house because when mr. lime was watching it with a boiling bowl of kluski noodle sup atop his chest he managed to spill said soup on said chest and sustain 2nd degree burns over a significant portion of his front. not pretty.

that said, anything else related to david hasselhoff would elicit snickers if not guffaws from me.

Ann(ie) said...

I wanna see Mamma Mia SO bad!!!!

Dorky Dad said...

They recently did a totally lame remake of Knight Rider. Not at all as awesome as the original.

Hobbes said...

Thanks for the MAMA MIA review. We will wait for the cable airing.
Have your kids seen WHAT ABOUT BOB? or the PINK PANTHER movies?