Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eat me!

My dear pal Lime did a food bio meme she found over at Cooper's place.

Ten food that define who I am,
here goes;

1. Pizza, from the rock-hard, whole wheat rectangles my mom specialized in, the Chicago style place Mr. Logo and I loved as newlyweds, to the authentic Neopolitan magic we ate in Italy and have located in Seattle and the yummy american-style place we love here locally, pizza plays a prominent and delicious role in my life.

2. Yorkshire pudding, with leg of lamb or roast beast, served with mint jelly, gravy, mashed 'tatoes, and usually peas. My gramma made this, my mama made this, and sometimes I do too. So delicious and tastes like big family dinner.

3. Nachos, of the homemade sort. This is one of the things my friends and I would eat TONS of as teens, huge cookie sheets full of tortilla chips loaded with toppings and broiled til the cheese was bubbly and the chips were starting to brown on the upper tips. Yum
This is still a favorite of mine, just made some last week!

4. Sixlets, discovered at the corner store by my grandparents' house and a much-loved nostalgic treat ever since.

5. Napoleons, the pastry, OH EM GEE! Also called Mille Feuille, and delicious either way. Discovered as a child at the local bakery and much prized. We didn't do a lot of bakery shopping and when we did it tended to be that we had to order the run-of-the-mill donut rather than a Napoleon. Once I was earning my own money I would indulge more often. I last had one of these at a friend's house about two weeks ago. I exercised a great deal of self control and did not hurt any of the other guests in an attempt to take their serving.... but I thought about it.

6. Cinnamon rolls, oooh how I love cinnamon rolls. Regardless of the fact they can take hours I actually love them enough that I make them from scratch periodically. My sister made some last time I was visiting and her son calls them "Lovin' from the oven."

7. Waffles, I have loved waffles ever since I can remember. Recently, (after I failed to prepare food for the children at what COULD have been considered dinner time) my honey said, "What are you going to do if I die?" Thing One said, "Live on hot dogs and mac n' cheese." Thing Two and Mr. Logo immediately replied, "No, she wouldn't!" Thing Two added, "She hates those!"
Thing One admitted, "You're right. Oh! I know, waffles! She'd live on waffles."
This could be true.

8. Eggs Benedict, I didn't discover Eggs Benedict til I was an adult but when Mr. Logo is looking to really impress me with breakfast in bed he knows this is the sure hit. One of the local places does a crab Eggs Benedict, mmmm, yummy.

9. Curry, whether Indian or Thai is always a big, big hit for me these days. My mom's curry was never my favorite though. I don't know if I grew into it or if the curry of my adult life had just been better. My mother, a woman of diverse and sundry skills, was perhaps not the most talented chef ever to walk a kitchen floor. Either way, I love it now. I enjoy it when Mr. Logo makes it, I will actually even make it myself, and adore eating it at the local Thai place. We don't have an Indian place very close to home but when I do visit one, I always enjoy it.

10. Casseroles, this is to provide some contrast. I, as a general rule, despise casseroles. If it contains pre-processed veggies, canned condensed mushroom soup base, or Bisquick, chances are...I'd rather have a sandwich or a bowl of cereal. There are very, VERY few exceptions to this rule.
Mr. Logo considers this damage from my youth; I call it having a moderately discriminating palate.
When my friend (who specializes in french cooking) made us a casserole a few months ago she started with a roux, fresh veggies, and chicken stock she'd made herself. I cannot even begin to tell you how delicious that dish was, mmmmm, fantastic.

So there you have it, some food favorites.
When you inviting me for dinner?


Anonymous said...

My mom was a casserole experimenter with the fam as guinea pigs....i have an unnatural fear of them now...

gimmie pizza....

S said...

I was sad to see that cinnamon crack didnt make the list...I guess the cinnamon rolls sorta cover it...


actonbell said...

I was alreay hungry, Logo. We're opting for Indian tonight, so if you can make it to PA by 7pm EST, join us!

lime said...

ya know pizza and sticky buns (pa version of cinnamon buns) should probably be on my list as well.

Jocelyn said...

Just told Lime how much I love this exercise and how it's going to have me thinking through my own list in the next few days. Very cool insights into your taste and likes.