Saturday, August 07, 2010

Warning, warning* POV ahead*

someone posted this little quote on their Facebook or somewhere;

Most of us will never be the beautiful girl. We’ll never have the prettiest eyes or the blondest hair. We’ll never have the flattest stomach or the most flawless skin. We will probably never have an impenetrable heart. We will never become exactly who we expected to be. But this doesn’t mean a thing. You’re beautiful with scars on your knees and freckles on your chest. You’re beautiful with the frizzy hair and the dark chocolate eyes.

What the hell is that about?!

This strikes me as deeply problematic, but it's not the surface reassurance that is my issue.
I agree wholeheartedly with the assessment that every human is beautiful and worthy exactly as they are.
I am a more than a little appalled at the underlying assumption that if you aren't blonde, airbrushed, and bitchy, you should be feeling inferior. The implication is that if that is not what you are, it is what you should have wanted to be.

Who the hell EXPECTED to be that, exactly??

I have NEVER had the least blind bit of interest in possessing an impenetrable heart, nor have I ever associated that with being beautiful,
psychopathic perhaps, but not beautiful.

What I do have, I have scars and freckles. Red frizz is the natural state of my hair.

And you know what?

I have absolutely no need for some lousy, consolation-prize declaration telling me I'm beautiful even though I'm not all thing things some jackass deemed actually beautiful.

Don't re-enforce idiocy in a lame attempt to be faux encouraging.

I am smart, funny, weird, fierce, cute, and loving. I am more than enough.


lime said...

well i have chocolate eyes, frizzy hair, a not flat stomach, and i like to think i am also not a bitch.

rock on with your own beautiful, frizzy, freckled self....and that hat...and that tongue that would make gene simmons envious.

Doug said...

Amen, sister. And, in the end, who wouldn't trade porcelain skin, aquamarine eyes, long blonde hair and a graceful figure for a pecker anyhow?

actonbell said...

Oh, Doug;)

That saying sounds like it was posted on some 20-something's wall. The current crop of young adults are something else altogether. Is it really true that an 18-year-old Glee star got botox to look fresh on camera???

Scary days.
Rock, on Logo!!

quilly said...

I never had any ambition to be Barbie, either. I much prefer being me. I am loved and cuddled and coddled and I know it is because of me, the person, and not contingent upon whether or not I develop a pimple or my curves go out instead of in.

Logophile said...

Lime~ I should have known we'd be on the same page!

Doug~ Wellllll, the way I heard it, with what I have now I can have as many of those as I want ;)

Acton~ She is in her 30s, but it may have originally been from a 20-something. I cannot believe that about the botox, yikes.

Quilly~ Yeeeah! What you said!

Cooper said...

you obviously haven't been watching enough tv or let your People magazine subscription lapse...

let's keep it that way.

love the hat.

S said...

...all the world loves that picture of you! Hee hee!