Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random much?

  • I made nachoes yesterday, they were so delicious.
  • I bought a basket for trash in our vehicle. There's still wrappers on the floor.
  • Dust seems to migrate purposefully to my house.
  • I hate it when I turn something on and the volume is already set so loud it rattles my teeth.
  • Are we sure a little child abuse is really such a bad thing?
  • I think I'm going to go buy a book today.


Cooper said...

A book? Nobody can buy just one....

Nessa said...

Reading hides the dust and blocks the view of your children.

actonbell said...

I had popcorn and coffee for breakfast.

I need to vacuum, but haven't.

The laundry's done and the bed is made, though.

I saw a little tiny snake while running this morning.

Despite the fact that my TBR pile contains books that have been languishing for months, I went ahead and ordered four more. It was a really good deal.

Have fun book shopping!!

quilly said...

Don't dust, plant.

Make that book a good one!

lime said...

my response to "random much"