Friday, August 20, 2010

It happened again!!

I had a list of books on hold from the library and they were taking forever.
well, I got some of the book I own and haven't read yet taken care of and then I bought a book (it was Nick Hornby, and was only $1.99, even in restrospect, I do not regret that choice, the pink skullhead journal [originally $12.99] for only $1.50 may have been a mistake even with that enormous discount, but I spend more on coffee some days and I can always give it away as a gift...if I can find someone who likes pink and little skulls all over their blank books) and then I stopped at the library and found a book on the shelves I'd been wanting to read (A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, he sort of turned me off with his book about his travels in America but I did like his book about Europe, and the book about Australia was really fun so I decided to take a chance on it and I even found the version of the book for kids called A Really Short History of Nearly Everything, which Thing Two and I are going to read together as a warm up for starting school soon) so I brought that home as well.
Now, wouldn't you know it, I log into my email today and guess what is awaiting me?
An email notification that I have 4 library books awaiting pick-up at my local library branch, FOUR BOOKS!
How does this happen?!
I was between number 6 and number 20 in those hold lists; how do 4 of them land on the hold shelf at the exact same time??
So now I have school rapidly approaching, 5 library books to finish in two weeks, and I'm halfway through the Nick Hornby so I really want to finish that as well.

Oh, and I'm on the board this year for that co-operative school we are involved with, and there are some fascinating complications in my life due to that.
The program Access™?
Yeah, it is a tool of satan.
I'm also the social media chick for the free clinic I volunteer with, and now I'm helping with PR in general.
Soooo, basically?
As much as I'd like to just lock myself in my room and read, I don't know if that is going to happen.


actonbell said...

You cup runneth over in the most literal way...ah, the waiting list blues. That's incredible. Maybe you should play the lottery.

coopernicus said...

stocking up on caffiene I see....

if you need help with Access...give me a shout.

Nessa said...

I have found the hold option at the library oddly stress inducing (as, also, is the deadline for returning books.) It's just too much for me.

lime said...

you need to run away from home with me. then we can sleep and read to our heart's content. let me know whatcha think of the bryson book. the book on small town america annoyed me and notes from a small island i am finding all but unreadable after loving the australia book and the appalachian trail book. i'm not willing to invest in unproved bryson any more.

quilly said...

You know, you could get some material you really like and recover that skull book. Yep.

S said...

lock self in!
lock self in!