Friday, September 17, 2010

Flash Fiction

The steamy rumble of water boiling in the electric kettle reached its anti-climatic conclusion with the soft click of the auto-shutoff. Carrying a steeping cup of tea and a half-read book she cuddled into a well-lit cozy nest. She had the house to herself and she intended to ignore obligations and savor a peaceful moment.
I had a free day this week and I sooooooo enjoyed it

Here is a little flash fiction Thing Two has written as a school assignment. It's a bit more than 55 words but it is in keeping with the general concept.

When he saw the tornado he ran for the house. Then he was swept up by the force 40 tornado. It launched him into a tree, breaking every bone in his body. As he clung to life it was just bad luck that an old tree fell on him. Unfortunately, the ambulance crashed before it could reach him. He now laid, a lifeless heap, on the ground.

The cruel and unjust end


quilly said...

I am glad you had a good day. The character in your son's book certainly didn't!

quilly said...

That should be: The character in your son's EXCELLENT story ....

lime said...

oh, may i have a day like that please?

thing two has a bit of a violent and bleak streak, no? lol, congrats on his entry into the 55 world.