Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh my, a meme

Cooper tagged me to answer these 8 questions.

One might think my answers would reveal something unusual about me but if you ask me, the questions reveal much more about Cooper.

1) It’s your second date with a person you met on match.com. They invite you to a formal party at a friend of theirs who lives on a massive estate in the country. The two of you are dressed to the nines and drive up a long curved drive surrounded by trees. Eventually you pull up to a huge stone mansion with lush green grass as far as the eye can see in all directions. Your date takes you inside, walks you across cherry wood floors, past delicate antiques and plush furniture to the back patio where about 70 people all sit in a dozen or so hot tubs. Everyone, of course, is naked. What’s your next move?

I am missing a critical piece of data necessary to make a decision; how is the food?

2) You have the choice of having David Letterman chaperone your daughter to her senior prom or having Stevie Wonder paint your living room. Which do you choose and why…

Stevie, hands down.

First, think how awesome that might turn out? Definite potential in the wacky yet very cool category.

Second, paint isn't permanent.

Third, I prefer Dave to stay on the other coast and crack mean jokes about celebs at a distance.

3) Twenty people are protesting in front of your house. What are they chanting?

No Nukes! No Nukes!

4) When Harry Met Sally. The diner scene. Could you pull that off? In public? (applies to male and female)

Uh huh, given the right motivation, I would totally do that. Depending on who's with me, I'm just not sure I'd still have company when I finished.

5) There are but three foods left in the world: Twinkies, avocado and spam. How long will you last before resorting to cannibalism?

I lack the background on this to choose wisely. Do people taste better than Spam? I'm sure I'd last a week before I was motivated enough to experiment with that.

6) Speaking of which, the zombies are on the march. What skills do you posses that will keep you alive?

I can shoot, use an axe or hachet effectively, drive, run faster than a zombie (for a while anyway), am possessed of a surprisingly vicious streak when properly provoked, can survive being hit by a car, and can swim and kyayk.

7) You’re in the library browsing through the stacks in the far corner when a good-looking stranger catches your eye. This person walks up to you and says you are the most beautiful/handsome person they have ever seen and will give you $50 if the can lick your feet for five minutes. OK. Now what?

In this scenario, am I wearing sandals?

8 - Religion is outlawed in favor of personal spirituality. How will that alter the rest of your life?

As long as I'm allowed to reach out to the homeless and loveless and guard against corruption I can live without the rest of it.


furiousBall said...

as far as people vs. spam, it really depends on the person

Anonymous said...

#8 - careful...that might be something jesus would do...

#7 - No. Uggs.

#1 - Food is beyond outstanding

I want you on my zombie team...

lime said...

i started working on this last night and have the same answer for stevie vs dave. so don't think i copied, ok?

Logophile said...

Van~ What does it depend on, diet? I'm passing up a dirty joke here, I hope someone appreciates my restraint.

Coop~ Heh, re. #8 It's almost a direct quote, but didn't know if anyone would catch it. #7 I guess if I'm wearing Uggs it will depend entirely on how active that vicious streak I mentioned is (and if somehow I'm wearing Uggs I've clearly lost my mind, so that doesn't bode well). #1 In that case we have to stay for the snacks!

Lime~ You know what they say about great minds!