Monday, September 06, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down...

actually, that's not true.
If it were the Pacific NW would be a truly foolish place to live.

We had a picnic/bbq yesterday because we knew the weather was going to be better and the schedule was more open.

We had 15 people all together.

It was interesting to watch the kids. They played touch football, capture-the-flag and Wii games together. Thing One and two of the kids are within about a year of each other age-wise, and Thing Two and the others are just about the same age as well.
One of my pals moved here from the south and after her kids were born her folks moved out here too. The two of them came along and my dad was here so the three of them got to know each other a bit and seemed to enjoy themselves.

I stopped by the super ultra cheap cheap store and got fall paper products (cuz I'm not only cheap, I'm also lazy), and was amazed how much milage I got out of that.
I was lauded as being nearly Martha Stewart-esque.
All for $5!


quilly said...

This rainy day did get me down. We went out to False Bay and I fell in the mud! I have a left leg covered in barnacle scrapes and despite a shower and a blanket I've yet to warm up from the soaking I got.

lime said...

sounds like a great day. we've been so dry here a rainy day would not get me down at all. i'd jump for joy.

Anonymous said...

Just don't get caught selling your own stock....

actonbell said...

Nothin' but net! Sounds great:)
And I agree with lime--boy, do we need rain.