Friday, March 30, 2012

Gifts, re-gifts, and anti-gifts


a while ago I received a very thoughtful gift. It was lovely, I'm sure but I am too... something to truly appreciate its greatness. It looked a lot like this.

I tried giving it to a friend who was going to Paris (I tucked a guide book into it and told her she should take it to France and leave it there). However, she returned my guidebook in it and tucked in some lavender too. So much for that.
THEN, I tucked some goodies into it and mailed it to a friend who moved to Spokane. I told her to pass it on to some other unsuspecting woman but she has threatened to return it someday when I least expect it.

Now, this pal of mine, Rosabella, has a husband. He is also a friend despite his crazy-ish extremely right-wingy  political position. I call him an anarchist and he call me a communist. We really enjoy discuss politics together though, even if it does make Mr. Logo and Rosabella roll their eyes.

We also enjoy discussing philosophy, scientific theory, and other useless and pointless things that make our spouses adjourn to another room to talk about things that matter.
So for Christmas I gave my practical princess Rosabella some perfume she very much likes and I gave her husband a book about how to build a time machine.

More recently, for St. Patrick's Day, I sent him a card with Barack "O'bama" on it— completely with a lucky clover lapel pin. Inside it said, "I thought this would look good sitting on your coffee table."
He claims to have burned the card,
and his coffee table, just for good measure.

So earlier this week I received a package from him.
Containing this...

with a note saying that now we would have something intelligent and interesting to discuss.

When I opened it up, this is what I found...

his Christmas present which I'd been hoping to read at some point.
It is a helpful and practical guide on building a time machine for those with some time, a healthy budget, and a really speedy spaceship.

There are even illustrations to make it easy to understand!


lime said...

it sounds as if you and mr rosabella have a healthy sense of humor about your opposing views. this is a good thing. my freakishly right-wing associates are all sure i am a dangerous liberal.

my boss, a tea partyist, had a minor apoplectic episode when he saw my computer's homepage was he changed it to glenn beck's page. i responded by setting his to nancy pelosi's website.

coopernicus said...

once the time machine is built I assume it's capabilities will include forward travel as well as reverse. I'd like to volunteer for a test run into the future to the point where american politics has been laid to rest. Or at least to the point where the impossible and unthinkable task of having a viable third party exists...