Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Which I Discuss Strange Things I've Been Eating.

In the last few months I've cooked and eaten sunchokes, purple kale, and rainbow chard.

The rainbow chard was cooked with olive oil, the juice of a fresh orange, along with a little grated orange peel and some sliced pears. It was actually quite good!
The sunchokes were in a soup with sausage and lots of other good stuff, it was very delicious.

The purple kale though, that was my first big foray into the world of strange and unknown veggies. We got a recipe that called for leeks and other things and after I cooked it all up I threw in some bacon, because, really, bacon makes everything better. As it turns out, I would have probably eaten it gladly without the bacon.

I am amazed.

My mother was born in England and raised by an Englishwoman. Although this had some lovely effects it did mean that, well, my mum made some interesting choices regarding the preparation of veggies.
There was a lot of overcooking, and very little seasoning.

Turns out squooshy and flavorless is optional!
I have become quite the veggie eater, even some of the more unusual veggies.
Who knew?


lime said...

i don't believe i would recognize a sunchoke if it jumped up and bit me! i did grow up with veggies that suffered the same fate of the ones you were served as a child. as an adult i have come to adore nice fresh veggies and even my greens when they are prepared nicely and not rendered into tasteless sludge.

coopernicus said...

whew...all this time I was worried that bacon wasn't a veggie...