Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A quick look

 There are the new-ish chairs in my living room.
They are actually pretty comfortable (which, being interpreted, means I can totally curl up in them and read).
 Here is another photo of the rabbit we have now.  
Perry lives in a two-story townhouse with a territorial view.
He is going to be neutered soon as continues to exhibit an exceptionally disturbing affection for the arms of various family members.
This was dinner the other night, what I made my own self with no help from anyone.

 I even made the sauce myself from actual tomatoes that came attached to green sticks. It simmered for 3 or 4 hours and actually could have used a bit longer, but I have stuff to DO, people. 
*I'm very busy and important.

 This is a glass ball I got at a silent auction to support the free clinic with which I volunteer. I live in an area with a lot of glass art (thanks to Dale Chihuly) and I've wanted some for ages but suffered from decision making disorder. Now I have one!

This post is from the Museum of Flight, it says,
"At 2,432 feet coffee isn't served, it's vaporized." 
 The SR-71 Blackbird is one of the coolest planes ever.
 When I was a teenager I had an amazing looking poster of one in my room. Speaking of teenagers...

 Thing One is away on a humanitarian mission. He is taking his malaria pills and amply armed with sunscreen, mosquito killer, and hand sanitizer. He and his hammer left here in the wee hours of the morning (they are going to build benches for a school) with a suitcase contain about 15 pounds of his own things and 35 pounds of clothes for kids at an orphanage. 
I am really excited for him to have this opportunity.

*This is a movie quote. It was used by the same actor in two different movies.
Also, I am a trivia addict, but I could stop anytime I wanted. I just don't want to.


Anonymous said...

thing one looks like he's the terminator. good for him that he's taking advantage of this opportunity.

oh....hugh grant.

lime said...

damn, stole my comment about thing one!

thank god perry behaved around janita!

Logophile said...

Cooper~ He does look at Terminator-y in those glasses. I am hoping he will stay healthy and be able to enjoy it.

Lime~ I'm sure he would LOVE Janita, in the worst possible sense of the word.