Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I love my friends

You can tell I love them, even though I am terrible at remembering birthdays and stuff like that (which some people might use as a metric of determining affection) because I try to do stuff for them (not the birthday remember, other stuff~ like giving them gifts that make me think of them or being generally supportive, or offering to disembowel people who make them sad, and other things like that).

A friend of mine has a child getting married and in solidarity for this joyous/traumatic event I am being helpful and whatnot and also went and bought a dress for the occasion. Due to recent shrinkage (shrinkage of me, to be clear, not my entire wardrobe), I only had one dress that fit, and it was black. Black is not, I am told, traditionally acceptable at weddings, particularly not at spring afternoon weddings. So I needed to go get something spring-y, and afternoon wedding-y. I got the dress pictured below because Lime told me to, after I texted her a pic from the dressing room.
So this is my spring wedding dress,

with coordinating cutesy handbag.

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lime said...

i am glad i could do that much for you because i very crappily forgot your birthday. i mean i remembered it but once it was too early to do anything and then later it was past. i stink. but you are damn cute in that dress. rock the dots!