Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Things made me a thing.

I am so fond of them; I mean, really, I think of them as my own children.


lime said...

I AM SUCH A LOUSY FRIEND! i remembered your birthday for a week before it got here and forgot it when it arrived.

your things gave you a lovely gift though, you strange bibliophile, you.

Anonymous said...

I'm worse - i didn't even know it was coming... Happy Belated... that's keel what the things did.

Logophile said...

Limey~ You are a lovely friend and so kind and thoughtful on a regular basis that I don't even care if you remember my birthday at all or not. Being a birthday forgetter of monumental proportion myself I like to believe that the quality of a friendship is not determined by the remembrance of one particular date.
:* Love you, my friend

Cooper~ You, you didn't even KNOW??? Yeah, I'm ok with that too :p Thanks for the belated wishes!