Monday, February 26, 2007

Do you know what today is?

It is Inappropriate Greeting Card Day!

A friend of mine is in for a pleasant little suprise when he opens his card and receives what very well may be his very FIRST Mother's Day Card. This event appeals to me because it is affectionate and yet slightly perverse. You gotta love THAT in a holiday!
For those of you who did not receive sufficient notice to participate fully in this joyous occasion, here, a little something you can enjoy.


bsoholic said...

haha! excellent!

Happy Fucking Whatever!

barefoot_mistress said...

Well that just about covers it all, doesnt it?

Happy Fucking Monday Missy!

goldennib said...

That's a very appropriate card.

Dorky Dad said...

I'm sorry, but every day is inappropriate greeting card day.

snavy said...

And a Happy Fucking Whatever to you too!!!

Diesel said...

That's the spirit, Logo! Happy Inappropriate Card Day!

Balou said...

If that was wrapping paper I'd buy rolls and rolls and never have to buy wrapping paper again. Too funny! I enjoy your blog!

G said...

I agree, that would make an excellent wrapping paper!

Happy Inappropriate Card Day Logo and Happy Fucking Whatever to you too. That is so sweet.


PS: Don't drop the little dollar from your card that I sent.

Minka said... are so sweet. Thank you, I will celebrate it with my middle finger high up in the air! :)

My tag is ready, in cas eyou wanna give it a peek ;)

somewhere joe said...

I'm sending a couple of old Christmas cards I received that were hanging around. To be extra inappropriate, I crossed out the sender's name and wrote in my own instead.

cindra said...

That's a great card. I completely got behind on my duties and spaced it out...darn it!

lime said...

i was not notified of this in time but in commemoration of the day allow me to wish you....

congratulations on your bris!

Logophile said...

Bs~ and to you my friend, and to you.

Susie~ You say the sweetest things to me, I think I love you.

Goldennib~ I am the queen of appropriateness, just ask anyone who doesn't know me.

Dorky Dad~ A fine and well point, sir, I concede.

Snavy~ Awwww, thanks sweetie!

Deisel~ I have embraced your holiday, does that get me frequent flier miles or anything?

Balou~ That would be awesome, wouldn't it? Glad you are enjoying, welcome, nice to meet you.

G~ Feel the love, feel it flow, you are so sweet to send a card on this special day, wow.

Minka~ That's the spirit! I will definitely be checking your tag.

Joe~ That's the spirit, how inspiring! I love it.

Cindra~ Your card should arrive today or tomorrow. You know me, anything inappropriate and I am THERE!

Lime~ Awwwwwa, that is just perfect, I knew I could rely on you. I mailed your card Saturday so unforunately it may not arrive till tomorrow or Wednesday, but I totally thought inappropriate things, and we all know its the thought that counts.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

But Happy Fucking Whatever! is so appropriate each and every day.

I wish you would market that paper. All of us would buy it.

Happy Veterans Day you old Vet you!

cindra said...

Logolicious! I got my card ROCK! Thank you ever so much. MWAH!