Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In keeping with the tone of yesterday

I decided to share one of my favorite movies today.
It is somewhat of a rarity among my favorites because no one dies, although there is a brief shooting scene.
In 1991 Steve Martin made a romantic comedy that I loved then and I'm still pretty fond of it today.

There are some fabulous lines, at one point the female lead character, after dripping some water on her clothes (an act with which I readily identify) says,
"I keep thinking I'm a grown up, but I'm not."

Now who hasn't felt like that?
Anyway, here are a few moments from the film.


lime said...

very good choice logo, there are so many good lines in it/

cindra said...

Hubby loves that movie too. I really don't. Good lines, though.

goldennib said...

You are such a romantic softy.

TLP said...

I don't even remember hearing about that movie, but I admit it does interest me.

On the post below: I love it. You were both so young looking! I don't ever remember being that young. (I married as a teen also. But I felt all grown up. Then.)

Candace said...

Oooh! I haven't seen that in forever! "What's the date today? It's open season on the LA freeway!"

That storm scene gives me goosebumps, as does the music. Storms in Africa in that scene is what made me buy the Enya music book for that album. :)

What are some more of your faves?

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Oh poo. No sound. Tried without it.
What is the name of the show? I'll just go rent it. I have not seen it.

bsoholic said...

Wow, I haven't seen that, and I fancy myself a movie buff... I must be slacking. I'll have to check that flick out. Thanks!