Friday, September 14, 2007

In which we discuss Logo and sharp implements

This week I have been reprimanded by two people regarding my use of sharp objects.
First, M. Logo chastened me for overpruning this rhody.
It will be FINE!! In a year or two :p
THEN, I went and bought scissors and Susie yelled at me for daring to think I could use Ginghers on paper, ooooh, the humanity, or something. In fact she was so adamant on the topic,

she actually went and BOUGHT me these scissors so I won't misuse the others.

Alright already. And here is a cute pic for you to enjoy over the weekend while I am partying with Mr. Logo at the beach.



S said...

I just couldnt allow such scissor abuse.

Please find some fine fabrics to cut with those Ginghers or otherwise return em and save the money for drinks at the Nitelite!

Have fun lovebirds!


lime said...

well i have to agree with susie on her point. sorry.

and who took the sharp implements to the thing's head? he used to have hair!

furiousBall said...

The scissors look pointy.

It tooks me nearly 30 minutes to come up with something even that witty.

goldennib said...

Your son looks like he has something to say about your use of scissors, too.

Bsoholic said...

Good thing I already warned you not to run with them, I'd hate to have to reprimand you too. :P

Cool riding gear for the thing there.

neva said...

the rhody with be fine once you REPLANT it. heh heh.

been there/over-trimmed those plants/totally ruined at least ONE pair of expensive scissors. d'oh! ; )

(well done on the scissors "intervention", Susie)

tsduff said...

I'm afraid it does look a little bald...scissors schmissors, clippers... what happened, did they get away with you?

Nice bike - nice kid.

Dang - I want to party at the beach too. No such luck - I'm stuck painting the house.

snavy said...

I agree with Susie on the misuse of the Ginghers!!

Have fun partying!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Partying at the beach? Oh man I am jealous.

cindra said...

I would totally trust susie on shear sense!

Have fun, toots!

Ann(ie) said...

Hope you're having a fabulous time!

VE said...

Hey wait a minute, those aren't safety scissors. Those have a sharp point!

The Grunt said...


Logophile said...

Susie~ Yeah, yeah, well, you command and I, of course, listen.

Lime~ We actually paid a professional to do that to him.

Furiousball~ You know, I think they are. I have been forbidden to use them but you are right, they do LOOK pointy.

Goldennib~ He has something to say about EVERYTHING

BS~ Can I run with them if I have them in the case?

Neva~ :p I may have gotten slightly carried away, but it was all damaged from the snow weight last winter.

Terri~ I LOVE painting! I'll come help and then we can head to the beach and party!

Snavy~ Oh FINE!

Blue~ Good stuff for sure

Cindra~ Yes, and since she is sending replacements I have no excuse NOT to listen

VE~ Are you sure? Dang, guess I ought to take them away from the kids then.

Grunty~ Sticks and stones may break my bones but my yard shears will wack the bushes.